Friday, April 10, 2020

The Crystal Tomb

The Crystal Tomb of the Ozarks

There is a remarkable shrine to the Resurrection* located in the Missouri Ozarks. Situated 15 miles south of Interstate 44 at Lebanon, Missouri on MO 5 and 7 miles north from the little village of Grove Springs at the intersection of Highway J and 5. There you will find a small parking lot in front of an interesting structure.

Constructed out of native rocks using a very old Ozark building style, this small building replicates the empty grave of the rock-cut tomb where the earthly body of Christ was laid after the Crucifixion. At the entrance there is a steel archway over the approach to the tomb that states, “Rejoice the tomb is empty: Jesus will return to reign forever” the words cut into the steel.

The tomb is very professionally crafted out of rocks that are indigenous to this part of the Ozark Mountains. The builders have chosen each rock carefully so that they fit snugly to form the walls. What is truly miraculous is the number of sparkling jewel-like crystals that are in the rocks. Large and small quartz crystals and amethyst embedded in geodes festoon the rock face adding a curious aurora of energy that accompanies the burial chamber. These autochthonic crystals were obviously selected purposely to bring a glorious presence to this place.

It is a wondrous work of art and devotion built by the local people in an act of unselfish love that shares their Faith with everyone.

David S Reif

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