Monday, August 12, 2013

More Rain

Every so often the poet Luna Corvus sends us a poem. He says he has not quite shaken off the Russian muse that has infected him for some time now. I will disagree somewhat as I feel he may have incorporated it if not conquered the Russian spirit very nicely.
The new Corvus work reminds me of a line from the 1868 poem,“Our Hills”, by Sidney Lanier.
“For down steep hills the dawn loves best to race!”

More Rain

For years it has been raining,
and the sun is small,
creeping out at night,
if it appears at all.

Through the cloud of voices
a tiny light appears in the skies
but no one knows what it is.
It burns their eyes.

Budding new growth,
small green stems,
starved for the directions
the system has taken from them.

Fighting in the gloom
betrayed by the rain
in slow motion,
we shadow box the insane.

Struggle makes us strong,
it is said.
If that were not so;
we would all be dead.

Luna Corvus,  2013