Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Europe Goes Retrograde

Thomas Jefferson
The essay that recently appeared on Alt-Right.com entitled “Putting The French Election IntoPerspective” by Everitt Foster raised some important points about Europe and the recent elections. I have felt that the chances of Madam Le Pen being elected were distant yet thought that the “idea” of Le Pen was more interesting than Madam Le Pen herself. Her political history was a rough-and-ready saga through the foie gras jungle of French politics and her pugnacious demeanor towards the EU and NATO gave her the gilded charm of an embattled saint. All good and interesting stuff indeed.

Beyond that is her promise to continue her nationalistic crusade to oppose the forces of Global darkness leading the charge against Fr Merkel and Mr Soros. One can only hope that this resistance to bureaucratic tyranny will come to past. She certainly has the charisma to do the job. That is if she doesn't succumb to the same fate as Mr Milosevic: murdered in a Belgian prison.

Yet for all the fun Le Pen generated it is really just another shiny object dangling on the eastern shores of the Atlantic. Yes many of us have roots in Europe but our perception of that once-upon-a-time storied land is dated. Today she has found herself hollowed out by two major wars in the last century and dozens of smaller wars in the past. Gutted as it was by WWII Europe found itself victim to another “Reconstruction” (the Marshall Plan) by the Ivy League elites who used that continent as a test site for various behavioral psychology techniques in order to defang Europe. Particularly hard hit were the countries of the Axis alliance but the cultural cleansing did not stop at the Rhine River.

The fascination the Alt-Right has with Europe is curious and telling of a larger dreamy penchant Americans have with the memory of Europe that is ingrained in our zeitgeist. The ideas that made the Constitution were of European origins to be sure. But the ideas that are destroying that same experiment, namely Marxism, had the same geographic origins.

In Mr Foster's essay we are treated to a survey of European political undercurrents that tie together Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Enoch Powell, and the rather murky “Identarians”. Also mentioned are the Eastern European countries of Poland and Hungary both of which are in the vanguard of the Visagrad Movement which seem to value nationalistic ideas over global ones. Again all interesting stuff.

The Alt-Right movement is grounded in that common soil that forms our unconscious remembrance. No on loves the lore of ancient Hungary or the ups and downs that form the saga of the Slavs more than I do. I am not judgmental towards the colonial exploits of the Great Powers while at the same time wondering whether they might be misguided in their politics when some summarily dumped the monarchy in favor of the evanescent thrill of the republic.

Unfortunately the crushing of Europe by the Allies and then by self-inflicted Marxism was thorough and will take decades to repair. By all accounts nationalist consciousness in many places is being smothered in favor of the global communist bureaucracy in Brussels. I have empathy for this situation but it is not my immediate problem.

Without giving any context to it Mr Foster mentions a decades long struggle by saying, “Southern heritage is under attack, and there doesn’t seem to be any legal recourse. As I write this the city of New Orleans is destroying monuments of 'old dead white males' in an attempt to placate the SJWs and Black Lives Matter crowds.” Touching on this issue with the same liberal “ten-foot-pole” the MSM gives to this issue. Given a respectable distance so as not to be associated with the “South” the clinical paragraph does mention the destroying of historical monuments but attributes the motivation to the memory of those “...old dead white males...” That would be the memory of the verboten topic known as the Confederacy and in turn Thomas Jefferson who inspired it.

I have found it is infinitely safer to joust with the shibboleths of history who reside in a mythical land across the sea than it is to squarely face the demons who day in and day out reside in my own country. The war that began in 1860 has never ended. Recognition of this unsavory fact goes to the grit of nationalism, self determination, and all the issues the Alt-Right is interested in. The difference between that reality and the beguiling election results in a number of European countries is when cultural cleansing is under your feet it might just be best to ignore it.

Not mentioned much by the Alt-Right is the courage of the Nashville Agrarians who gave us more than what some dismiss as just a back-to-the-land homespun sampler of simplistic values. Mr. Foster writes, “Andrew Breitbart famously said that politics is downstream from culture. And he was right, it is. But we don’t have time to wait for another generation to be reared on nationalist cinema, games and music that don’t exist yet.” Within the pages of their manifesto, “I'll Take My Stand” the Agrarians gave us enough philosophical and ideological substance to run a movement and build a culture. But the big problem is that it is written by Southerners.

Whatever you call them: liberals, Marxists, globalists, communists; their greatest enemy is the resurrected savior known as Agrarian thinking. The action for the nationalist is in America as recent events bear out. Our Jeffersonian legacy is the anodyne for the Marxist incursion and it is a blueprint for comprehensive action everywhere.

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