Thursday, December 1, 2016

Children of Asmodeus

Hillary Sigil

Level Two

There is little doubt that Mrs Clinton has been exposed to the cult of Lilith. Within the last couple decades an off shoot of the feminist movement took a turn toward the spiritual dark side through the embrace of Lilith as a symbol of gender independence.
Lilith is a figure often (but not exclusively) associated with Jewish history and is seen in several books of Hebrew mythology and folklore. Although described in various texts such as the Zohar and the Kaballah as an unclean female demon and night goddess she has made her way into Western black magic and monster worshiping cults rehabilitated and marketable. She is portrayed as the first “wife” of Adam who would not observe her “husband's” role in the relationship ordained by God and subsequently leaves Eden and becomes a witch and temptress also finding time to murder children. She takes the guise of screech owls and other fierce night dwelling creatures terrorizing people in lonely and desolate places while causing havoc in relationships with her insatiable quest for power.
Nonetheless, with all this historical baggage she has somehow become an icon of the left wing and otherwise atheist movement of women who espouse gender supremacy. Originating with feminists in the 1970's the new Lilith was supposedly transformed into a symbol for female autonomy, control of one’s own destiny, and celebrated the sexual libertine as a role model.
This was the cleverly devised image promoted by the well funded “Lilith” magazine and other outlets that became very influential in the Democratic Party particularly in New York and Massachusetts, the heart of the American Left. This is also the period when the Clinton's exited the White House under less than ideal circumstances.
Mrs Clinton began building a political campaign for her U S Senate run in New York with base support from the Leftist establishment in New York City and its feminist movement which had been infiltrated by the demon cult of Lilith. This is certainly where Mrs Clinton was first exposed to the Lilith movement as part of the milieu of her benefactors and supporters who had been swept up in the net cast by the operators behind the scenes.

Hillary has become an embodiment of a cult goddess and her followers seem mesmerized by the the incessant pursuit for power. In and of itself this is the trait of black magic which is consumed with the desire for control over others. This is not a new observation. But it is the behavior of Mrs Clinton after her election defeat that puts a spotlight on her worldview.
We saw in the last post about Hillary's use of symbolic garments as a gesture of mocking contempt  for the Christians who overwhelmingly supported her rival Donald Trump. Yet I think she is not finished with the manipulation of others as we witnessed the demonic “resurrection” that she sought through the use of ceremonial priestess vesture attended by her acolytes. Her magical techniques are a page out of satanist Aleister Crowley's life.
In the Talmud Lilith marries Asmodeus the king of demons. In other references Lilith is the female counterpart of Asmodeus, another aspect of this evil sultan. In either case it is clear that there is no singular in the world of devils. They always hunt in packs and one evil being reflects another in the mirror of Hell.

There seems to be an entire horde of dark spirits that follow the Clintons. A murderous, philandering, power obsessed coven which includes Anthony Weiner, George Soros, John Podesta, and a host of others swept up in the web of Lilith. As events unfold more will be revealed about this pernicious global cult.

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