Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mrs Clinton Wears Purple

The dominate media is having a festival talking about Mrs Clinton and her entourage sporting purple accessory garments to her concession speech after her humiliating defeat to Donald Trump. Speculation is that the purple represents the mixture of “red” states and “blue” states would make the color purple. “Oh so gracious and forward looking”, the media swoons.

I think not. I believe the purple color garment is a projection of the “living in a bubble” delusion that infects Mrs Clinton, her husband, and the company they keep. In her galloping megalomania I think the purple is a symbol of her Christ-like suffering.

Yes as crazed as it might seem there is a  part of her dark unconscious mind that conjures up majestic narratives for her defeat. In this case it is something she has a dim memory about that comes from the Bible that she has found a way to weaponize.

The reference to purple I'm referring to appears in the Gospel of Mark 15:17 “ And they clothed him with purple, and platted a crown of thorns, and put it about his head...” which is explained this way by the Geneva Study Bible, “Christ going about to take away the sins of men...(and) is condemned as one that sought diligently after the kingdom, and mocked with a false show of a kingdom”. Purple being the symbol of royalty and in this case “a kingdom”.

Indeed Mrs Clinton sees herself as a suffering messiah who would be crucified for her desire to save humanity from the evils of Mr Trump and a reactionary movement that seeks to punish her for the good she has done. Wearing purple is a deep symbol of suffering for the good of others from the exalted position of kings. Is it not the aristocrat who suffers to elevate the animal-like poor masses from their ignorance? The burden of the affluent.

Wearing purple is not the insane act of the deranged but a calculated action taken to predicate a resurrection. Mary Shelley character, Dr Frankenstein, cries out over the body of his creation, “It's Alive!”.

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  1. Ironic,a Satanist wearing purple to appear more Christ like.

    1. Ironic, true. But not uncommon. It's arrogancee and deflection. Very cunning. This is suppose to be a dog whistle to the elitists. She is saying "I am not dead. I have suffered for the fools and even though they have failed me I will be back." Like Aleister Crowley who was not afaid to take on Christian trappings at times but was a Satanist and only used the symbolism when he thought it was useful.