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Oliver Stone's "Ukraine on Fire"

Donetsk Tower
Since I first posted this essay about a year ago as "Donetsk Tower" the world including filmaker Oliver Stone has noticed the insane foreign policy regarding Ukraine of Hillary Clinton, President Obama, John McCain and others. I've updated the text to reflect the situation.
 Here's the trailer to the new Oliver Stone movie "Ukraine on Fire", about the conflict:

Ukraine on Fire

The image of the air traffic control tower at Donetsk, Novorossiya is prophetic to me. The international airport that once served the thriving city of Donetsk is now littered with the debris of war and pockmarked with craters from artillery explosions. Artillery fired by clandestine NATO backed troops and others financed by Western oligarchs who hope to benefit by dismembering Ukraine and selling off the assets in the manner of corporate raiders.
  Novorossiya is recently born from the crumbling of modern Europe. Situated between Russia and Ukraine it asserted the right of self determination when the people saw an opportunity to obtain a degree of sovereignty in the face of a threat by powerful foreign forces.
  Although I am interested in the politics of the region and the instability the war on Novorossiya has brought to Europe it is not my only interest. One of the most glaring omissions of the American media is not covering the unbelievable human toll the war has taken. Defying International Law the militias who support the phantom government of Ukraine have subjected the civilian population of Donetsk to near daily bombardment, cutting of water and sanitary services, starvation, and other human rights abuses.
  Any time one comments on an apparent fight between Slavic people it is immediately assumed that you are choosing sides. Such is the burden of history in this region.  But in this case it is not a fight between Slavs rather it a conflict between NATO and the rest of humanity.
  I have never traveled to Donetsk and likely never will. But I can read and watch and listen and from that conjure a picture of a place on the other side of the world. Historically part of Russia but recently a region of Ukraine it is a large successful industrial and mining center that has striven to be more than a factory-town. “The City of Roses” it is often called and has struggled to shake off the geopolitical excesses of the last century. Trashed by both Stalin and Hitler the city has attempted to rebuild its cultural heritage with cathedrals and gardens. But that was before the shells started to fall.
  Yet it is the traffic control tower not the gardens that vexes the eye of this artist and defies conventional description. There are the hackneyed media expressions of carnage, destruction, and “man against man” that are used to described warfare but these phrases have become dismissive with overuse.

Dystopian Vision
  I see something else in this photograph of the airport tower. There are few more accurate symbols of the modern material worldview that express the positivist vision of progress than an airport. The “jet-port” of my boyhood stood out as a triumph of technology that was one of the crowning achievement of post-WWII culture. It implied the limitless horizons of globalism and world peace where everyone was just a brief turbojet engine powered plane ride from everybody else. The airport was the “town square” of the global village.
  The Donetsk Tower is now a creepy monument to the post-modern reality of century 21. A blown up, shot out, smoking hulk of reinforced concrete and steel construction inhabited by vultures. It looks like something from the pen of artist Todd McFarlane in his adventure comics “Spawn”. It is grizzly to look at and gnaws at the unconscious mind like a dream inspired by H P Lovecraft. Count Dracula would not live there but Frankenstein would.
  The good people and aid agencies of the United Kingdom and the USA have not come to comfort the civilians. Rather it is only the Russians and volunteers from tiny country of Slovakia who have offered aid and help in any organized manner. Perhaps only the eastern European mind can ignore the ruins of European society and its polygon implications while retaining enough humanity to feed the victims.
  Efforts to end the war have stumbled along with a Russian brokered treaty known as Minsk II. However this spongy pact leaves the fate of Novorossiya floating in diplomatic limbo and international agreements have not stopped the shelling of Donetsk.
  We live in a world of images. Transported from across the globe we point to pictures of Tiananmen Square with reverence but we snub the Donetsk Tower. It cuts too deeply into the psyche of scientific rationalism. There are too many contradictions oozing from that tower. I think at the root of it we are seeing the rotting of the Comptian paradigm transported from Europe to American and then around the world.
  The Donetsk Tower is a troubling sight to all civilized people. However, it may prove to be a metaphysical beacon for the eastern European soul that is sick of  good intention by the EU and its evil doppelganger NATO; the army without a mission.

You can learn more about the situation in Novorossiya by clicking HERE

David Reif

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