Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gospel of Thomas 35:4-7

Belonging to no denomination the Nag Hammadi Codex (NHC) is the original data base for a universal spiritual practice.  Before the Protestants, before the Roman Catholics, before the Bible, the Nag Hammadi manuscripts lay hidden in a small cave in Egypt awaiting the precise moment in history when they would be needed.  They were transcribed from reference material including the oral teachings of Lord Christ, written down by hand on papyrus in the ancient Coptic language, and stored in a sealed container. Unearthed in 1945 and finally translated into contemporary languages in the 1970's the Nag Hammadi documents are now becoming available to be utilized by everyone.  With literally terabytes of information yet to be interpreted the organizing principles within the NHC have arrived at a time when a chaotic world is in need of healing.  

The simple format below consists of a Reference (or paraphrases) that is taken from the NHC and written in common style. There is a brief Reflection which suggests an everyday explanation for the quotation followed by a Prayer for individual action. 


“Jesus said: I am not thy master because you have taken a drink from the bubbling spring which I have measured out.”
Gospel of Thomas  35:4-7  NHC

The teaching has always been here. The master has only awakened us to possibilities we would have never realized. Once we begin the process that originated from the effusive spring of wisdom available to us all there is no going back.

When I know the taste of wisdom let me never forget it.

"The Nag Hammadi Library", James M. Robinson ed., E. J. Brill